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Community College Shelving

Salt Lake Community College has purchased about every kind of Shelving over the years:

  • Boltless Shelving
  • Pallet Rack
  • Wire Shelving
  • Cart  Shelving
  • Bulk Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving
  • Storage Shelving
  • Library Shelving

Material Handling USA is so happy to be a small part of something huge in suppling Shelving For Community Colleges

Salt Lake Community College SLCC does so much for our community. Sure we have large universities in Utah like the University of Utah, BYU, Weber State, Dixie College. but in Salt Lake City the Salt Lake Community College really serves a purpose in allowing higher education for so many people. SLCC! 

This is a light duty pallet rack called fast rack. Light duty for pallet rack is still pretty heavy duty. Wire deck is a super popular option. After all the traditional things we store are gone, pens, paper, toner, paper records, file folders and everything else we know today.  AI will still be buying and installing shelving and rack to store their own parts. So when they, the robots, break down, they can go to the shelf and get a new part to rebuild themself. 

This rack is tall so the top shelf will have items that are rarely accessed but need to be retained. May as well maximize the storage capacity and keep the fast movers on an easy shelf to access them.

Community College Pallet Rack

What kinds of things would a community college store on shelving?

Community colleges typically store a wide range of items on shelving units, depending on their specific needs and requirements. Here are some examples of things that a community college might store on shelving:


Community colleges often maintain large collections of textbooks for use by students and faculty. These textbooks are typically stored on shelving units in a dedicated area, such as a library or academic resource center.

Boltless Shelving For Community Colleges

Office supplies:

Community colleges require a variety of office supplies for administrative functions, such as paper, toner, and file folders. These items are often stored on shelving units in administrative areas, such as the main office or accounting department.

Classroom supplies:

In addition to textbooks, community colleges require a range of supplies for use in the classroom, such as markers, whiteboards, and art supplies. These items are often stored on shelving units in classrooms or academic resource centers.

Audio-visual equipment:

Community colleges often have a range of audio-visual equipment for use in classrooms and other settings, such as projectors, speakers, and microphones. These items are often stored on shelving units in dedicated AV equipment rooms or classrooms.

Maintenance supplies:

Community colleges require a range of maintenance supplies, such as cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and tools. These items are often stored on shelving units in maintenance areas or custodial closets.

Athletic equipment:

Many community colleges have athletic programs that require storage for equipment such as balls, mats, and weights. These items are often stored on shelving units in dedicated athletic facilities or storage areas.

Overall, community colleges store a wide range of items on shelving units to support academic, administrative, and athletic functions. By utilizing efficient shelving systems, community colleges can optimize their storage capacity and ensure that items are easily accessible when needed.