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From a console standpoint, we do not want one centers, police stations and then also the hive, which is our handheld charging cabinet can also be used for the police body cameras. Our councils are built for twenty four, seven environments, so they’re their heavy duty, built to last for a very long time with about a 20 year lifespan. At the same time it’s adaptable with whatever technology you have.

And because our products you can add on to I mean, we had people that purchased it 15 years ago, and now we’re adding on to an existing console. So that one’s still standing. E-Systems claim to fame is customization. And, you know, we have the installations to kind of boast about that maybe. We do work with Edwards Air Force Base out in California. They love the e-Systems product and they continue to buy.

E-Systems focus on mission critical workstations and other technical furniture. A quick company overview. We’ll talk about the consoles, our custom server racks, because you talked about data centers, our security reception desks, the hive and NCIS.  we’ve been in business for over 60 years. And basically it’s the quality of our products as to why we’ve been in business for as long as we have and our strong commitment to our resellers and our end users. Our claim to fame is customization and the flexibility that we have with the products that we make. 

e-Systems Server Racks

e-Systems Group Server Racks

Hive-Locking-Charging Cabinet

e-Systems Group The Hive

Barcode and RFID Scanner Charging Cabinets – Let all you devises come home like bees to a hive for recharging and accountability at the end of every shift. So you can protect those very expensive scanners, you can manage to check in and check out. So from an inventory standpoint, implement sanitation, sanitation protocols with covid you, anything that goes into the hive has been sanitized so the employee knows where they go and drain something out. It’s already been clean. 

 e-Systems Group So warehouse distribution, law enforcement. 

You’ve got these Honeywill zebra scanners that are up to three thousand dollars apiece and right now and a lot of these warehouses are scattered throughout the warehouse. Right. So they’ve got a lot of loss, damage to these very expensive scanners. You start replacing one a month and that adds up. 

I’ve got a beverage company in Staten Island, if it’s sixty thousand dollars worth of scanners in one high. So they upgraded to our RFID lock, so it comes with standard, with a standard lock and key for that cabinet. You can also upgrade to an RFID lock where they have their key cards, same key cards for users to get into the building.

They used to get into the e-Systems Group hive and it can be programmed for shift managers can go in any time shift users. 

Pretty cool. But you’ve also got body cameras for police stations, radios, label printers. They’ve got a wholesale grocer. They’ve got they run the gamut of radios, scanners and label printers, all in one high. So we built it to kind of be generic because there’s so many different scanners and and handheld devices out there, so it comes with four retractable drawers, one PDU that’s mounted in the back with 13 outlets. It has 14, but one is used for the fan kit. 

You have a fan e-Systems Group kit up on top to make sure that we keep those devices cooler, get the airflow and the drawers, or also have holes in them to make sure the airflow is going to come through the swing handle.

You can get an additional PDU with 14 more outlets, the RFID that I talked about, to handle an LED light strip if you need more light. And he also comes in different colors. So there’s red, white, black and two different color grays. And you can also do a custom color, which is a minimum of 10 units for custom color. Those are all powder coated. There’s also now a beehive, so even Honeywill is coming to us to build these, so they bought your regular one with four drawers, but they wanted one for the office.

e-Systems Law Enforcement Consoles

So I’m going to go through the console’s benchmark, so benchmark is a product that we use typically in energy companies process control military. It’s for large screen arrays. It’s got the latest lift systems like fifteen hundred pounds. Basically, it’s all the stories that you see underneath that really differentiates benchmark from other products because of the number of CPU’s and other. Technical workstations that they have underneath for storage. 

So typically e-Systems Group goes in a cockpit style, but I mean, Benchmade can be linear, LENNEAR It can you can use this for workstations as well.

But let me show you, here’s a couple of installations, and these are all energy companies where they’ve got it in cockpit style. And you can just see from a left standpoint these big lifts that go into these because of the number of monitors that they have.

So that’s benchmark. And then Contour Condor, we call the contortionist because of its flexibility and adaptability, depending on what the customer needs. You can do fix your ingestible height. They have 92 recorders. The 20 year lifespan, which basically with all of our products, you see these in command centers, law enforcement. We’ve got them in a lot of police stations in nine one one centers, military and utilities. Now, Cantor has a six inch frame, so that six inch frame, you can put small use in there. The is in there. There’s our corner unit, which is a sit stand. 

And then you have your e-Systems Group linear units.

We have C.P.U modules underneath. These are the larger. This is a double module here. We could also do a Cadie. You could also if you didn’t want anything underneath the console, within the frame itself, there’s a service panel that you can get in there to mount your CPU’s. But that six inch wall is common with the Contour series. Having said that, we’re working with a Air Force base right now within a very limited space and we’re looking at either a 30 inch surface or a twenty four inch work surface. 

And in order to maximize the space, we’re customizing the frame to go down to a three inch frame. Just let you know from a customization standpoint, these are things that we can do. We have our engineers on site. So here’s some examples of Conter, you’ve got a three person 16 unit here with forty five degrees separating them, those little corners that we’ve got in environment of the Department of Environmental Protection.

And e-Systems Group just got specified in by an architect down in Florida for weighing stations where this will sit in front of the big window.

The trucks go by and they do whatever they need to do. Here is a fixed a linear fixed height. You’ve got some privacy panels that we can view down here. I know it’s a my picture, kind of hard to see, but there’s transaction desk. So there’s a transaction top right here. 

The middle one with the peninsula has a transaction cap and then you’ve got transaction tax there. That’s actually a police station. So as people come in and they’re doing whatever they’re doing. And then you’ve got your corner units there, then these corner units are very common with nine one one seven. So here’s a police station here. I think that’s in Kansas and here’s one down in Maryland and that’s a 911 center. 

So you have there’s a tier one. So they can use they can either do fabric or they can do slab walls and they can put additional monitors in the slot walls. And you’ve got a fabric panel behind that 16. I track Wieczorek has a 12 inch frame, so this is your oil and gas petrochemical where they have large CPU’s, they want to put it in the frame, get it out of the way, because they have limited space in their control rooms.

They would use e-Systems Group Wieczorek.

Then you’ve got circus steps up to forty eight inches on track. But it’s got an exceptional load capacity right now, I track is all fixed height, although we are going to be introducing a system for this one as well. Your slat wall is wider than your typical flat wall and gives you more room for these monitors. And we can go one, two or three high. And that’s where contours. 

Well, you don’t see as much now because of the monitor arms that they have. And you can do quads in six and eight. And, you know, all these things are the monitor arm. So they don’t necessarily use those flat walls, but some still get. And you’ve got incredible CPU storage with ADRAC. So here’s an energy company and you’ve got your slight wall. That’s an eye tracking solution, mobilize is a cool unit. We’re going through production in the next week or two. 

What’s cool about mobilized? This is the universities, learning centers, data centers where they need a small workstation. This is a sit stand that tilts and can nest. So see the university. They’ve got a learning center, they’ve got 20 of these and they’re all throughout the room. What they want to use the room for something else.

Now you can take these and put them in the corner.

Nestel. But the really cool one that I’m excited about is the argue that’s the rapid deployment unit for mobile command centers. So here’s a stand with foldable legs so they can pull those legs down, stack them up, or they can put them in. We’re going to have a trolley that or Cadie that you’ll be able to roll onto that mobile unit and off you go with, you know, four or five of these. 

That little rendering doesn’t really represent what it is now. I’m still waiting for updated renderings and then obviously we’ll have photos and videos and everything else once this is done by FBI, law enforcement, border control, security data centers, there’s a lot of places that can use this and be able to take it away. But those foldable legs are very. Now we do customer service reps. What I didn’t say in the beginning, everything we do is made to order. Nothing is an inventory. So we get the order, it goes production, we make it whatever it is, whether it’s a console server, rack, a hive or whatever, although I do have a couple of hives on the floor right now. 

But typically everything’s made to order because of the customization that we can do from a server server rack standpoint.

You’re working in data centers. We get into we’re in city, county, state government, military data centers where we’ll do a custom configuration for the client exactly what they want.

Sighs That this one here is an IDF cabinet for. Rochester, here’s an interesting Kholo custom cabinet, we do warm cabinets. You name it, we can do it. And the key and we were working with I just started working with an integrator and that integrator told me that his problem is, you know, they’ll go and do a build out within that customer wants one, maybe one cabinet because they want to put one more in a row. 

And our competitors don’t want to build just one cabinet. Well, we’ll build one cabinet and we won’t do that. It’s very rare, if ever, that we say no. So the Guardian series, this is our security reception desks, these were built specifically through the CIA, the School Construction Authority in New York City. So New York City made the mistake of buying regular office reception desks for inner city schools. 

Well, they got destroyed pretty quickly. People put a new face through it, a backpack, kicking it, whatever, and it didn’t work. So they came to us for us to design a series of these Guardian does. This is an all steel welded frame. These things are wicked heavy. And all the panels that you see are steel panels that are laminated. So nobody’s going to put it through it. Nobody’s going to, you know, have a backpack, destroy this thing.

So e-Systems Group school security office,

security, law enforcement. I’ve actually we’re working with Ambulante. I don’t know if you’re familiar with them, but bulletproof material. And for a police station where they they’re doing they’re redoing the entrance to the police station and they’re going to be using or they want us to quote anyway we have one. But this particular unit is the C shape. It’s a six by six where they’re going to we’re going to put that bulletproof or bullet resistant material inside the frame. So that’s going to be pretty cool. And I’ll have marketing material on our website in the not too distant future that talking about bulletproof. 

So here’s a e-Systems Group 48 LENNEAR and this little one here, which is all laminate.

There’s no steel in this one on CalSTRS in small spaces where the fire department wants to make sure that your security desk is mobile, because if there’s a fire, you’ve got to be able to move the furniture out so those two can be on casters. And then there’s other units with peninsulas. Moneer. You have an open peninsula and then you also orneriness. The hive now, the hive, I think, is something that you’re definitely going to want to focus on with all your warehouse and logistics companies. This is a secure charging cabinet. What’s interesting is that, you know, if you go to Google and you put it put that into Google, nothing, nothing really comes up.

So this e-Systems Group was built and designed specifically for Amazon.

There’s hundreds or thousands of them in Europe right now, our sister company in Europe, which of the design kind of tweaked it a little bit and brought it to the US.  

So we now have a two hour hive with glide feet that can go on a table. I mean, it could go on the floor. But, you know, unless you’re short like me, it might be a problem, but it would have to be a heavy duty desk to put it on, which they know because these are still really heavy on the side. Panels have locks and so do the back. So it makes it easy to populate the hive.  if you can tell us what the device is, the height, the width and the depth of the unit in the charging crew, because sometimes with the handles, if they have the handle on the scanner, it goes beyond the charging cradle. 

Give me that and a lot of times I like to have a picture, give me the dimensions, I can give it to engineering, engineering can then tell us this is how many we can fit in the hive.

And especially if you’ve got different sizes, you might have different theories of the scanners. So like see tornadoes and seeking sixty fives. Well, this is the best way to maximize that space. And I can also tell them you need one, two, three, however many they. The entire Spanish system, this is a one for your labs also warehouse, because this, no matter what you call it, it could be a workstation, which we do these as workstations in the military.

It can be a e-Systems Group monitoring station where that’s why I set it up there.

I had a guy call me from North Carolina, EMCs called something different and I think that confused people. So we changed the name because it used to be called Netcom Station. But Netcom sounds kind of antiquated. So we changed the NCIS, but he was at a hospital and they have an entire room lined with these with this French system as a monitoring station. So they’ve got monitors up in there monitoring all these different hospital rooms. And they wanted to do another room like that and he couldn’t find anybody to take a picture. 

You took a picture? I said, well, yeah, we can build it because that’s ours. And again, we overengineer what we do to make sure it’s going to last. So from a quality standpoint, that’s something you can bet on. Now, this this kind of shows all the different options that we have for the bench system. This is set up as a pill packing station. So we sell hundreds of them as pill packing stations. So from a pharmaceutical standpoint, you’ve got your shelf dividers, your your different shelves here that can adjust from zero to 10 degrees.

So if they want to put things and be able to slide down, they can do that.

Twenty six hundred and fifty pounds is the weight capacity with a thirty six inch deep work surface and the individual shelving one hundred pounds and up to eight hundred and fifty pounds again. So you can have a trash pool in there or not, and this little door here slides out to make it easy to empty the garbage, these other doors can be whatever you want them to be that pull out or you can have, you know, no drawers. 

You can have what you saw. And the last one you had the. Had a divider behind it, or it can be an open system, we have the power bars that mount directly, we have LED lights that are magnetic that can go on the system. You’ve got the cable management rules you can do they can go back to back. So in that one, no jury just did one back to back sort of the drawing here. 

I just got a call today from a food bank and they’re looking at the hive and they’ve got 30 scanners and they’ve got radios that they want to put in there and just plain battery charges as well. So.

That that could be especially for like a laboratory processing centers where they’re filing and pulling things.

And I think that might be a good little uniform.

Absolutely, and and remember that a lot of our products. And the options come from our customers. Can you do this and yes, we can. So from a design standpoint, if there’s something that they’re looking for, you know, and especially if they want more than one, you know, I can get it over to engineering and say, absolutely, you know, we can do that.

 What I found is that I’ve been telling you before about Edwards Air Force Base, when they when a company finds something that they like, you know, the distance doesn’t matter. And from a hive standpoint, I’ve I’ve sold the hive into California. it’s an awesome name, I love it because, you know, we talk about the scanners coming, coming home to the hive at night. And I think I think I think the perfect name