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Top Tab Folders

We carry a variety of Smead top-tab folders, such as reinforced-tab folders, presentation folders, colored folders, standard-tab folders, fasteners, interior-tinted folders, and more.

10 benefits/features

1. Easy Access – Reinforced-tab folders feature two tabs that provide lasting durability and allow for quick and easy access to documents.
2. Colorful Organization – Colored folders allow for color-coding to help make organizing and filing documents easier and more efficient.
3. Secure Sorting – Presentation folders feature special fasteners that secure documents together for sorting and storage.
4. Enhanced Protection – Standard-tab folders are designed to provide extra tab durability for documents used often.
5. Creative Customization – Fasteners make it easy to transform plain folders into customized works of art.
6. Improved Privacy – Interior-tinted folders are designed to help conceal what’s inside, making them great for protecting confidential information.
7. Time-Saving Innovation – Extra-capacity folders feature a large capacity to handle large volumes of papers while the half-back design provides easier document retrieval.
8. Reliable Storage – Heavy-duty folders offer superior durability to help protect documents that are stored for extended periods of time.
9. Smart Organization – Binder-style folders feature three-part indexing to help keep papers organized and easy to locate.
10. Streamlined Workflow – File-folder labels enable easy identification of documents for faster retrieval and workflow.

The main problems we solve

Businesses need solutions to streamline their workflow and ensure their documents are organized effectively. With Smead top-tab folders, businesses get the solutions they need to make that happen. The reinforced-tab folders provide durable tabbing and easy access to documents so workflow is optimized, while the colored folders allow for color-coding to make organizing and filing documents easier.

Presentation folders with special fasteners provide secure sorting, and standard-tab folders offer enhanced protection for frequently used documents. Fasteners also make it easy to customize folders as desired. Interior-tinted folders help protect confidential information, and extra-capacity folders handle large volumes of documents with ease. Heavy-duty folders offer reliable storage for documents that are stored for extended periods of time, and binder-style folders offer three-part indexing to make it easier to find documents. Finally, file-folder labels make it easier to identify and retrieve documents from the folders, streamlining the entire process. With Smead top-tab folders, businesses can stay organized and productive.

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