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Call an expert on Estey Shelving at 800-326-4403. We know Estey and have designed and supplied truckload after truck load for libraries for years and years! 

Estey Library Shelving by Tennsco

Estey brand library shelving is the most secure and efficient shelving available that provides superior support and durability for your library collection. Estey shelves are made of steel, providing superior strength and stability, while their extra-wide shelving system provides comfortable access and room for many books, CDs, DVDs, and other items at once. Estey shelves are adjustable and can easily be fitted to your library’s space and needs. Their attractive design allows you to quickly identify your collection while they also provide additional shelving options like extra-deep bookcases, cantilever shelving, bookcases with encased ends, and more. Additionally, Estey shelving is highly adaptable, allowing you to change the configuration to fit different libraries and changing needs.

Estey Shelving shelves are precision-engineered, using a unique combination of advanced engineering tools and manufacturing processes to ensure accuracy and consistency.

They are finished with a durable powder coating for maximum protection against corrosion, scratches, and other damage. Estey shelving is versatile and can be used in a variety of rooms. Whether it’s a home library, home office, or school library, Estey shelves are the perfect choice.

Estey Library Shelving can be custom designed to fit your library and is easy to install

With a few simple tools, you can easily put together a library shelving system that meets all your library’s needs. Estey shelves are designed to be easy to dismantle and reassemble, so you don’t have to worry about moving them when upgrading or reconfiguring your library setup.

An ideal solution for all your library needs.

Its attractive design, room-saving features, and versatile configurations make it the perfect choice for any library. With Estey shelving, you get the best value and quality shelving available, ensuring your library functions optimally for many years to come.

Who is Using Library Shelving?

1. Academic Library
2. Special Library
3. Corporate Library
4. School Library
5. Medical Library
6. Public Library
7. Virtual Library
8. Government Library
9. Military Library
10. Digital Library
11. Law Library
12. Rare Book Library
13. Non-profit Library
14. Research Library
15. Archive Library
16. Church Library
17. Genealogy Library

As the world goes digital there are still lots of applications for Estey Library Shelving

In 2023, libraries will store a variety of items on estey shelving, including books, magazines, newspapers, multimedia items such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, raw data and research studies, artworks, artifacts, and sensitive items such as archives and manuscripts. Libraries will also use shelving to store modern technology items such as tablets, 3D printers, and the like. In addition, libraries will store a great variety of ephemera items such as reference files, research notes, books on tape, and audio-visual materials. Finally, libraries will use shelving for holding laboratory supplies and materials for experiments.

Estey Library Shelving Authorized Dealer and Distributor:

The Authorized Dealer For Estey Library Shelving is Material Handling USA. The sister company NationWide shelving has a Utah State contract.