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Pallet Rack In Utah

Getting a Pallet Rack Permit In Utah

This is a moving target for sure. That’s why we offer pallet rack permitting service. Call 801-328-8788 . As a leading, and maybe the leader, in providing rack in Utah, and around the USA, this service has proved very helpful for our customers. You know your business. We know Rack!

Requirements 1/13/2022

Utah adopted codes:
2009 IBC, Sections: 1705.3,
1707.5,2208.1. 2009 IFC Chapters 23
A building permit is required for racking exceeding 5’ 9” in height per IBC Section 105.2. Due to all of Salt Lake City being within seismic design categories D or E, Special Inspections are required for storage racks 8’ or greater in height. IBC 1707.5: Storage racks and access floors. Periodic special inspection is required during the anchorage of access floors and storage racks 8’ or greater in height in structures assigned to Seismic Design Category D,E, or F. Special Inspections and Testing (per IBC Chapter 17): A form that must be completed in full prior to permit issuance is available at: http://www.slcpermits. com under the “Applications” section.

General requirements:

A) Submit TWO copies of all drawings, specifications, and calculations.
B) Drawings (1/4” or larger scale is preferred) are to include but to include but are not limited to:

1) Floor plan drawing of building area of larger building for interior racking.
2) Site plan drawing for exterior racking. Note: The exterior rack storage maximum height is 20’.
3) Exit paths. Include all building exits and where the exits lead to (i.e. to the public way).
4) Layout of racking including aisle dimensions (3’, 8’, or 12’)
5) Full-height elevations or section drawing from floor to roof. Include the following heights from floor level:
Maximum height of the rack’s top shelf.
Maximum height of commodities
stored on the top shelf.
Sprinkler heads.
Bottom of roof structural members.
Bottom of roof deck.
6) Details:
Floor bolt and washer (leveling shims) specifications and sizes. Connections of upright to upright, row to row, back to back, etc.
7) Provide the manufacturer’s specifications / installation instructions.

C) A Utah licensed engineer’s stamp (signed and dated) is required for racks 8’ or greater in height. The drawings and calculations (including seismic requirements for SLC) shall
be stamped. Racks less than 8’ in height shall be installed per manufacturer’s specifications.

D) The following information is needed to complete a plan review of high pile and rack storage. If the commodities that are stored are flammable or pyrophoric in nature, these additional requirements will be applied:
1) Provide the type of commodities that are stored (steel, cardboard boxes, plastic, tires, etc.)
2) Is the storage interior or exterior? Provide information about the storage shelves (i.e. solid, board planks, open metal grid, etc.).
3) Provide information regarding how the commodities are placed on the racks. (loose on pallets, in cardboard boxes with plastic shrink wrap around and/or over the top of the boxes, in metal bins, etc.
4) Is the building equipped with fire sprinkler protection? If so, include the density rate of the sprinkler system. Also include showing the zones of the sprinkler system. Commodities
stored 12’ or higher require sprinklers, regardless of the area of the room or building. Buildings built prior to 1995 usually do not have Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinkler heads.
5) Will the stored materials be automatically or manually placed?
6) A man door is required every 100’ along the exterior wall adjoining the racking area.
7) The Salt Lake City Fire Prevention Bureau shall be notified three working days in advance to conduct the inspection of all fire suppression and fire alarm systems.
8) A fire department hose outlet,1.5”, shall be required at EACH of the fire department access door serving the racking area.


Building Code
Fire Department
All are located in Building Services

The permit fees are based upon the valuation assessed for this racking installation project. The value of new or used racks (purchased for this project) is to be included in the valuation.
In addition to this material value, the total shall also include the total labor cost. 

Providing Services To Obtain Pallet Rack Permits To the Entire Great State of Utah including our largest cities: Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, Orem, Sandy, Ogden, St. George, Layton, Taylorsville, South Jordan, Lehi, Logan, Murray, Draper, Bountiful, Riverton, Roy, Spanish Fork, Pleasant Grove, Cottonwood Heights, Tooele, Springville
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