3M E-A-R; Push-Ins Foam Earplugs, EAR 318-1000, 100/Box


Ear Plugs

SKU: B311228


3M™E-A-R™ Push-Ins™ Foam Earplugs, 318-1000, 100 Pairs

    No Roll Down Earplugs Plus, Since The The Unique Foam Actually Softens And Becomes More Pliable With Body Temperature, The Seal And Comfort Increases The Longer The Plugs Are Worn The Patented E-A-R Form Foam Tip Is Shaped And Sized To Mold Comfortably To Fit Virtually Every Sized Cana

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 8.26 × 5.24 × 9.44 in