Baldor-Reliance Motor UCLE153, 1.5-3HP, 3450RPM, 1PH, 60HZ, 145TZ, 3532LC, TE


Baldor Motor, 1.5-3HP,3450RPM,1PH,60HZ,145TZ,3532LC,TE

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Baldor-Reliance Motor, 1.5-3Hp,3450Rpm,1Ph,60Hz,145Tz,3532Lc,Te Features:

    Shaft 3/4 Longer Than Nema Standard Shaft Keyed, Drilled And Tapped With Internal 1/4-20 Tap 1 Deep 1.00 Service Factor Thermostats Epoxy Paint Typical Applications: Specifically Engineered For Use On Vane Axial Fan Crop Dryers.

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Weight 52 lbs