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So we are Pelamis Furniture. We’re up in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada, about an hour. Forty five minutes from Buffalo, Niagara Falls. We’ve been around for a very long period of time. So you asked yourself, why would you tell me you were a competitor, another fabricator of library surgery type product? We’ve been pretty much in the business world for years and years, and we cater to many institutions such as K-12, junior high school, higher education, all different spectrums of education from the lower end to the city to the higher education sector. So we’re traditionally before we started, we’re pretty much a traditional fabricator, didn’t have much technology as far as what was available back in the early 80s. And throughout the years, we’ve managed to incorporate since machining all aspects of updating our materials and pretty much got up to standards where where you’re supposed to be as far as being a high end provider, if you will, of library type products with aspects of market in which service, like I mentioned, for the library sector school, even the corporate side, as well as health care. And before I reflected the presentation, I’m going to go to our latest presentation, has the newest products that we’re we’re showcasing.

So just briefly go through these on these items here. So it’s called the new media collection with this within this bracket of furniture we offer. Aleo, there’s a predetermined section or pieces of circulation components, so it’s like a it’s it’s a it’s it’s predetermined. So you’d order in various straightaways or you shapes and it dropped right into your environment. It’s all depending on your suspicion that that if it’s able to fit, we definitely work with you as far as you can to see if it fits into your spacing. And there’s these axis desks, they either come in the late a fixed leg format or a mobile capability. And it goes left or right hand place. As well as on standing unit capability. So it’s pretty much like a touchdown station. We’ve had many folks inquire about the usage of this testimony and you’re able to use it just about anywhere. You need a touchdown type on a touchdown desk. We provided this to the friend lobbies of all of just institutions where they need like a security desk. So that’s always good. The Boxer display unit, like a Kobe staggered, tall shorts, larger, larger square or smaller square. And we’re in this place and sort of paperback or DVD.


You can always dress up with flashes of color just mixing with the carpets that you have or the wall coverings that you may have a carpets. And there’s a Kamden unit, it’s kind of like a lecture on a lecture slash table teaching. And these flip tables. Either in a way shape Castor’s or just your typical t shirt with Caster’s. And these units there, they have the flipped ups, so you’re able to match them together in store and so. When we offer these peaceful units. Your typical mobile, Wolcott’s. And we recently had a massive installation over in Texas. They’ve purchased numerous, numerous amounts of these, which is these are metal ends. And the little perforated, if you will, so it’s kind of like a. A uniform, perforated holes, and these are thick shelves. And our Norwood shelving units. The typical wood carcass shelving units with the wood panel, top adjustable wood shelves and the beauty of this one here is just the economical version to our Big Brother Chauvelin series. And you’re able to just select different colors of Backes just to dress it up. The play unit is just an open covid. Various heights and upholstered cushions seating hopefully for the lower grades K-12. And in the sheep series, she’s got some. Cloverleaf happens and then some paisley shapes, some diamond shapes just and then another form of the police here, and these are just pretty much fun shapes, you can pick various colors of laminates, mix and match, which makes metal legs. So the. The color selections are pretty much endless, depending how you want to dress up your environment. That’s always good to offer. And then the solar units, it’s just a crescent shaped single face, double face, rectangular, single spaced double face, and you can just come up with numerous configuration aspects and it’s all mobile.

So you’re able to move it during the days, throughout the day. If you’re going to do like a story time here, push it together, make the brighter. And soulless solo seating makes a match different types of shapes, people able to make multiple configurations of how you want to space. The same thing might be on the show prior. Just divide the spaces up. The Zen tables, it’s kind of like a passing style panel table. You can make em like a genius pass genius bar over here, computer capability. Face to face or single face against the wall. This is a very versatile panel style table. The feature products. This was just newly introduced, the basically Polly Polly chairs with other metal base or wood legs. Launchers, same thing with the leg or sled stool. Five star caster. Multiple colors, too, so you’re able to just. Endless amounts of colors, you can splash into a room. The Monroe chair. And the porter chair. These chairs are pressed in one piece, and I believe these are capable of interior and exterior applications. They’ve got a drain a drain slot here. So if there was another application, you can pretty much tip it over and drain up the rainwater that’s sitting in the pocket. And I believe that you’ve committed to their duty to protect it so they will fade when exposed to long durations in the sun. One of our standard offerings uses the the navigator unit seemed similar to the axis that I showed you previously. So this one’s a more robust version.

Legs or Caster’s Palmira Creations program, another robust system where you’re able to just select your tabletop and select an edge and select the leg, pretty much you pretty much create the the table that you’re looking for, for your environment. So you don’t. So we give the opportunity to avoid these tables or the library or the designer doesn’t feel like they’re getting a typical cookie cutter table because it’s like ordering a car. You’re able to select your your car, your color, your color option and then your paint option, your interior seating, whether it’s upholstery or whether it’s the same kind of scenario here. It’s like a unique you make your own unique library setting by choosing to shape your edge, your legs and the and then your end result of your selection. Liberal Macra tables many applications, whether it’s a lot of a lot of folks or not. Well, then again, once the schools start up, I don’t I don’t believe folks are getting together in close contact to work on projects or whatnot. But this is one of the the offerings that was offered prior where everybody was offering a makerspace type table. So your typical budget, black metal frame, laser caster options and multiple configuration of the other side drawers and doors and cupboards and whatnot. Palmeri, social media. Touchdown stations where you’re able to. Melter TV here, and they gather around the space and top with the center table module power bench seating. Pneumatic lift tables. And just the nest in group tables. Kind of, sort of how do you see over here there just be. They’re able to nest and it’s in these once here, the intervention.

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Ok, so the wave, Carol, hit some metal diameter posts with wood paneling, sides and back to Legum. And then fluid tables. The wide wood knife edge bending metal legs. Solo tables, these are always a fun application where you’re able to get together for meetings or whatnot with this type of configuration and then pull it apart when you need to work individually. Team just shape tables were able to. Configure as you see fit to. And in a type of conference type meeting. And the league tables, basically, what units, what you want to call them, serpentine or have circles. And then I’ll go through the the shelving, the shopping collection units that we offer. So this Durcan Metal. Would carcass clothing with metal, just shells? On wood, wood carcass with wood, adjustable shovels. Trick metal to your standard. Basic metal cantilevered style shelving. You know, showing. Then you show me this is pretty much a high end state of the state of the art shelving unit with metal frames, and you can always insert a frosted. First, the screen onto the panels and this installation here that you’re seeing was installed at Mississippi where they had their Katrina disaster many years ago, and they had FEMA money and they want they wanted pretty much the Ferrari’s of Ferrari’s of shogi.

So this is what we had offered. And they had gone with the highest, I would say, the most expensive three form that you could buy on the market at the time. That’s what we had installed inside there. It was a it was a textured wave, copper inlaid three form. They went all out. So briefly, go to the classic collections. Your typical sell furniture with the slats. The Bannister collection. Combination of traditional wood with frosted acrylic inserts on the side Phusion table. Princeton tables for the Princeton series. A little bit more traditional on the higher, higher end type furniture installation Vista cousin version to the mission style slut’s. Links to USC’s. And this is probably one of the newer one as well, the uniform collection. A lot of displays inspired by the displays that Europeans usually have in their application where we don’t see necessarily a lot of these in North America. Lovely, it’s like a tier two tiered stock display. Your typical Efrem slot. Some terminal units, whether you’re stalling at the end of range columns or stand alone in the room so so individuals can go up and check their library materials. New book trucks. Aurora pension style table.

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Ok, I’ll just keep going before you even before I cut out again. So the Amsterdam seating so typical. So for you and it’s one seat or two seater, three seater. We have the capability to add the casters on the front here. And there’s a handle on the back where you can just pick it up and wheel it around. Kind of like a wheelbarrow. The balloon chair. The balloon seat, the the balloon seating. There’s like a center center pedestal with some flare units here and then another module, so you’re able to configure. This type of seating. Bulldog chairs over the bench, upholstered seats with seats. Chair. It’s got a nice, comfortable saddle, a nice, sturdy, solid, solid, hard wood type seating. Co-Chair. It’s a posture that the metal legs. Five stars, five starbase. Toledo chair. Molecule. Moistures. All those dual. So there’s so these ones here. There’s a road or no track at the bottom, and it comes with a metal ball bearings ball that comes with a marble, I believe it’s a metal, a marble and a plastic. So with these falls here, you’re able to rotate your core.

As you sit and you can hear the cycle of the fall going through the track, kind of like a rhythmic sound. So this would be the adult version and it’s adjustable in height, and these are the the children version that’s fixed in height and they get the same thing, but it’s a larger plastic ball in the system like they’re. Pod seating, nice, comfortable seating with a built in power at the ends. Spellchecker, same application as the porter, it’s interior exterior. The twitchers. They have a high gloss by color and a white interior. Urban Loung, multiple configuration on these ones here as far as I’m straightaways tiebacks, blowbacks. And that pretty much covers a majority of our products. I know it’s a bit overwhelming as we will do a lot of the furniture products that we had offered. In closing, I just wanted to showcase the certifications that we currently have. We are certified, which is the Architectural Woodworking Institute. And we’re part of the US, Greengold. And also, we provide lead specification if that ever comes up on a project specification. And that’s pretty much about it.

We’ve got a project that we want to get started on with you. What’s the next step?

Reach out to me indicates how where we’re starting the specification purpose. And I definitely will help you out as far as the specifics that you need, whether it’s on a chair, table, desk.


And he’s got a project that’s a bit down the road here, like, you know, a little bit out yet. So to get the prospect into a place where they’re thinking, hey, I want to work with my furniture, do you have some pretty good literature and stuff that they can show them so they can look through it?

Oh, absolutely. Feel free to reach out and I’ll see if I can send you literature that I have on file or just images if you’re looking for specifics. Or if you have something you mind, you can always show me what you have in mind and I can show you an alternate version or something close to what you’re looking for.