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The Latest in Laboratory Design Trends with Jonathan Lyon at Lab Design


The reality is there’s lab work everywhere. I mean, a lot of people kind of forget just how many companies have labs today.
An interview with Jonathan Lyons from Lab Design. Like so many industries designing labs is changing all the time and Jonathan keeps us up to speed with the latest in lab design. Read more >>

The Latest in Touchless Lockers


Touchless lockers are all the rage for delivering everything from company mail to amazon packages at college campuses because touchless is safer. Find out what Arne Chardukian, an expert on touchless lockers at Modular Millwork says about touchless lockers for todays world.


Lets Look at A Cannabis Grow Facility Room by Room!

Cannabis growth facilities are required to have a gowning, gowning rooms provide a space for workers and visitors to put on a face mask, hairnets, gloves and coveralls before entering the growing and processing areas. 


Next, we move to the cloning and propagation room, the propagation of new plants is either by seeds or by clones.