Website Ideas Listed in priority:

Add food service and health care to top menus. all should be more top level so we can lead customers to more buys. other categories at top level might be government. maybe 11 total:
1. Food Service, 2. Health Care, 3. Government 4. Industrial 5. Office 6. Home 7. Laboratories 8. Automotive/Transportation 9. Retail Stores 10. Education/Schools 11. mining and gas

Search through webstaurant in “business type to find many category pages to make. like breakroom supplies.=) sooo much fun! 

go thru other online shopping sites account set up process for ideas on how to create the best account set on the net =)

Go through and buy small stuff from online sites to create the best buying experience on the web. may as try and buy something for the business or for ourselves =)

join our mailing list for coupons and more! in footer

outsource online chat? esp to be 24 7…get customers other miss. see if webstaruant global u -line answer online chats after hours to see how many people might continue searching for someone to chat.
Global live chat is direct employees hours: ?8 – 7 pm mountain time m-f and 8 – 5 Saturday. 
U Line seems to have 24 7 chat who work direct for them and an interesting page that could reduce some non sales chat :

add, what do you think of this page? how can we improve it. engage our customers and get their email address!

Set home page up with similar menu drop downs like webstaurant. Till we find or design it Jim to start making all the main pages. like on for health care etc 

Make every product page this item is not returnable? at least to start?

Check out product page on Webstaurant. at top it give free shipping with plus, when you mouse over it says 99 a month and 49 for each additional address. sure leads customers to buy more on your site and do the free shipping on small items. also have mouse over for qty discounts on some products and mix and match discounts which would also help to reduce small orders and small order frt. issues.

Way for customer on some products to choose color options. ie aurora shelving gray/sand etc

set up so customers can review products. has to be good content if we can make it visible. 

Product upload schedule:
BMC Gloves

products to get to upload:

add “become a vendor” “sell your products with us” link on footer


make column on csv excels so we can check consumer or commercial and make things like financing split pays show up on consumer products

improve Site Speed. are we good on this right now?

on weekend and holidays make it switch over to more consumer site banners targeting more consumer sales?

Swipe to buy like amazon on mobile

Buy Now button as well as add to cart button


set up so as we upload a file it adds the brand (mfg_) to the search by brands page with a link to the entire brand category


provide a Material handling usa credit card for customers to use to purchase which will facilte more cusomters buying on credit and maybe even a no risk  dollar bounce back for us so we sell more. make more =)

Show est shipping time on product page

Set site up so orders are auto sent to mfg

Set up so mfg auto send shipping info to us and our system automatically sends it
to our customer under our cover

create existing customers login and send them email with history of past orders and
ability to reorder

If no price change wording from out of stock to “please call for pricing”

Create app for website

Create blog

Create corp login with points

create option to enter code maybe from an emailing so we can track who is bujying from specific emails

Create all purchase earn points so some can order for company and get personal points,
like patrick and andrew =)

Set auto reorder like amazon where you get boxes or shrink wrap etc every week or
month. gloabl has this feature right when you bare buying it says send weekly monthy etc. then send emauil like dollar shave that alllows them to mark qty up or down. 

Abandon cart program:
we see who they are? Like when I leave “fly trap” website  cart it keeps
sending me text and email to come back and complete the purchase?